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Based in Argenteuil, France

Release date:
February 24th, 2023 (PC)

Steam PC


English, French subtitles


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Regular Price:

GBP 4.5


Elevator pitch:

Are you ready for a special spatial adventure, player?

The game takes place in the future, after a decade of peace in the Galaxy, in a side-scrolling 3D game and also top down shooter.

It will immerses you in the heart of the action, thanks to beautiful graphics, a sound environment and many surprises await you.

Take control of the Captain, funky former Captain, to pursue bad guys in Space and elsewhere.

And discover that unconventional shoot’em up!

The story:

Year 2122, the Galaxy has been at peace for a few decades.

But the Universe wonders what happened in the past with all these old conflicts.

Research laboratories are trying to develop a technology to travel in time, to find answers to these questions.

The fleets of armaments have been dismantled in these times of peace, there is no longer a defense and armament vessel.

An unforeseen event will upset this peace and the hero of the game, a somewhat funky former Captain, will receive a call from Destiny or rather from his assistant…

A bunch of bad guys stole a great but unstable technology, to travel anytime, anywhere…

The Captain is going to need his old spaceship and his famous Force weapon, to pursue the bad guys, to prevent them from sowing discord in Space time…


Chokdeegame is a solo indie games developer based in Argenteuil, France.

I’m seeking to deliver high-quality gameplay-driven experiences, with original ideas.

I want to surprise players, with fun, beautiful graphics, a rich and elaborate sound environment.

Game screenshots: